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MDC Paralegal Is The Traffic Ticket Expert

MDC Paralegal is the Traffic Ticket Expert in the Muskoka Region. I provide professional and affordable legal representation to motorists charged with traffic violations under the Ontario Highway Traffic Act. Some of these offences include speeding, careless driving, fail to yield, disobeying stop signs and red lights, failing to surrender documents, operating a hand-held device and many more. There are defenses to each of these charges and you should discuss them with a licensed paralegal who specializes in driving related offences.

Even a minor traffic offence could drastically increase your auto insurance for up to 3 years from the date of the conviction. We will be able to go through the evidence in your case to find defenses to the charge, even if you are guilty. It isn't enough for the police officer to charge you with the offence, the prosecutor must prove the case against you in court, beyond a reasonable doubt, if possible. That is why having legal experts on your side is so important. We find the best defense for your case, and use that to your advantage.

Our goal is to eliminate your charges completely. If we are not successful in eliminating the charges, we will negotiate with the prosecutors to protect your demerit points, protect your license from being suspended, and negotiate the lowest possible fine.